Our apps and your privacy: 

This policy covers the following apps:

  • Cooper Hewitt Museum - Modérne

  • Philly Bike Share Map

  • Society Hill Towers VR/AR

  • Sleep Journal

  • Who uses microphone?

  • Who uses location?

Our privacy policy in plain english is as follows: Up to this point we do not collect any meaningful data about your app usage, except as provided by Android’s analytics systems. This means we track things like how many app installations there are per month, but not what a particular user does in a way that ties back to our knowledge of the user’s identity. We can’t really speak for what Google is doing with the data, but our read of their policy is that they treat what is known as personally identifiable individual data in a similar fashion.

This policy may change as we start to build apps that use some form of remote database to back-up, sync, or display app data in a web version, or across Android and iOS. Here we would have some idea of who you are, via an email address or first and last name, and this would be tied to your app data. In that case though we have the technical capacity to view your information but we would not do so except for debugging purposes. If we are ever in the position of having data that is of material value, we would update this policy before trying to capitalize on that value. We would probably also err in favor of law enforcement rather than your privacy if this ever became an issue.

Finally — and this is going to delve a little bit into legalese — our apps don’t come with any warranty of any kind. We have made every effort to create apps that work well and that are correct, but if there is a problem we disclaim any liability for damage that may occur. We aren’t really sure what damage would come from a bike sharing, VR, or museum app, but the presence of this disclaimer in every other software license makes us feel like we need to include it here.

Thanks for using our apps, if you have any questions, please contact us via the Contact page.

Sam Halperin